Blink & the market changes.  Keep up with marketing science.

Marketing Science & Data explained like you're chatting with your bestie over coffee who just happens to be a doctorate level social scientist.




My job is to help you understand the heart & mind of those you are trying to reach:

  • to better find them

  • to better serve them

  • to better offer them your products or your work.  

What do you have in mind?
I'd love to know.

I work with micro businesses to formulate a budget friendly plan so that you can do what you do best.

We may develop a survey, look at the data you already have in-house, your reviews, or look at data/information that already exists if you know where to look.  I know where to look and love to find those golden nuggets of information.

Why analyze your reviews?

That’s a great question. A single review can tell you a little. More can tell you a lot. You might see patterns in your reviews. You might see that a review doesn’t fit any pattern and wonder why? If you have a psychologist who is trained in both analyzing data like reviews (called qualitative) and analyzing numbers, then you may find out more from your reviews and come up with a plan. Maybe you need to change how you answer your calls and schedule your appointments. Maybe you’re doing a great job, but your customers want another service or product. Launching a new product or service can be expensive. Before you commit to that, find out what your micromarket thinks about it. I can help you come up with a way to do that. Not just surveys or focus groups, though those would work. But, there are other ways to find out what people are thinking in your neck of the woods. How do you find that out? That’s what I do. It is my job to understand the people behind the reviews and numbers and to tell that story … in normal people English. I have been trained in both kinds of data and won an early career award for some qualitative data analysis I had done.

What do you mean that the market can change in a blink?

Think about your life. Are there things that you are doing today that you didn’t do maybe 10 years ago? Has your life changed in the past 5, 10, 20 years? This may have changed things like where you go shopping, what products you buy, and what services you need. It’s no different for your customers. People aren’t static. The market is made up of people. Something can happen that can suddenly change everything. It doesn’t even have to be a bad thing. A phone company can change what kind of data is released from its phone and that can change how you can find your customers on social media. How you could find them is suddenly gone. How do you stay in the know? How do you translate the endless numbers that are released about the market into what people are doing? How do you make sense of all of this? You can ask me. That’s what I do. I can help you navigate the ever changing landscape. I can help you find out what your customers are thinking. I can translate numbers about people into a story that actually makes sense. You may not like the story. You may love the story. I don’t know. But, the story will make sense. This is what I do.

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