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There's no magical time to start. Start where you are. If you're flirting with the idea of writing a book, that's a great time to start. If you've published five books, that's also a great time to start. The magic comes from doing it. You can do it. 

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When I joined the indie writing community, I intended on using my background in psychology and marketing to promote my own work.


As I made friends in the community, I found that my fellow writers were confused and overwhelmed by marketing.

I decided to take a dive into the rabbit hole and find out what the hub bub was all about. This is how Michelle Raab Marketing was born.



What is it like to work with Michelle?

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A photo of indie writer Ciara Delahunt

Ciara Delahunt

Urban Fantasy Author

I used to find marketing pretty overwhelming and scary but Michelle breaks things down into easy steps and she doesn’t just dump a load of info on you or tell you who you are, she makes you think for yourself and then helps work on actionable steps to get you where you want to be. Her tips have even spilled over into my writing, it’s help me gain so much clarity in every aspect of my author life. I cannot recommend her services enough.

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A photo of indie writer JD Groom

JD Groom

Author of Sorceress of Truth

Michelle was able to help me put in place a solid strategy for the first few months, with steps to build on, leading right up to the release of my next book, when I will definitely be calling on her services again. I’ve also attended one of Michelle’s webinars, which was super helpful and definitely got me thinking about ways I can improve my visibility. 

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A photo of indie writer Cassidy Reyne

Cassidy Reyne

Author of The Sentinels Series

Michelle Raab is a Marketing Expert Extraordinaire. That’s the only way I can describe her skills. ... Along with her marketing skills she has a warm and friendly manner and will boost your confidence with her open and generous personality. Her expertise, knowledge and experience is second to none and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a helping hand in building and marketing their brand.

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Plug-n-Play Guides, Planners, Checklists, & More

Marketing the Easy Way... Just like Plug-N-Play

You don't want to have to deal with jargony jargon. You just want to get your book baby into the loving arms of its reader. Let's do that with the easy to use, friendly, and encouraging marketing planning system.

Workshops for the Marketing Curious

Are you stuck on trying to think of yet another thing to post about? Are you confused about the latest marketing jargony jargon? Are you marketing curious? Check out these workshops by Michelle Raab, PhD.

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