A little more about me

Old School Content Marketing

My experiences in marketing and public relations goes ways back.

Here's a little bit of a glimpse, as I go down memory lane.


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Old School Content Marketing

I was cleaning out my closet and came across this. It’s a newsletter from an art museum. I did PR work at back in the mid-90s.


I worked on the newsletter, helped with copy, press releases, etc. Back in the day (being the 90s), content marketing was things like paper newsletters.


To get your events noticed, you’d include a calendar in your newsletter. You might also register your events with local newspapers through press releases or email. (We had rudimentary email at that point with our monochrome monitors!) Search engine optimization wasn’t anything I had heard of yet, so most of how we got out events noticed was through the media and inviting people with paper invitations using our mailing list.


Content marketing required similar skills to what you need now: writing and creating images. The newsletters would have articles (like your blog posts or social media posts) and an events calendar (like the FB events or like the Eventbrite events for SEO purposes). But you didn’t need to know things about algorithms or other digital tactics. What you needed to know was how people behaved. Where did they hang out? Where did they get their information from? 


We’d spend sooooo much time trying to think of places to drop off these newsletters so that potential patrons would find them and want to visit the museum. Being able to not only write the content but to also know who to give the content to be invaluable if you wanted to be a freelancer.

Back then, as a freelance writer, you could get gigs writing newsletters for companies, how you can write blog posts or social media posts today. Looking back at how PR and marketing have changed (but haven’t really changed) is kind of trip for me. 


Freelancing back then was based on geography and contacts you cultivated within a geographical location. Analog to the digital of today, I guess.


So thank you for going down memory lane with me.