I offer:

  • one-on-one consultations

  • research and analysis of market data, reviews, and other information

  • design work to support branding, like web design 

  • introductions to other service professionals

If you've tried to create your own marketing plans and your feel like you're spinning your wheels, you may be ready to formulate a data-driven, strategic plan.  


Imagine being able to talk with a trusted friend: 

  • has a PhD in quantitative psychology

  • has been trained in public relations and business,

  • and has had experience in messaging, event planning,

  • and experience and training in research for both qualitative (like focus groups) and quantitative (numbers).


Imagine that this person also understands the mechanics of algorithms and data science and SEO and can explain that to you in normal people English.


Imagine that you can talk to a person who while you're talking can quickly look up questions of keywords and market data in the time it would take you to order a coffee (but might take you hours to do).


And, imagine that this person understands creative people, because she is creative herself.


You don't have to imagine that person. That person is me.


What's it like to chat with me?


It's pretty much like chatting, but while we are chatting... 


I'm getting to know what questions are on your mind and helping you to hone in on those questions.


I help you to clarify what your questions are before we even get to how to answer those questions, because sometimes it's hard to even know what to ask. Am I right?


Part of what I do longterm with people is to help them shift their mindset to be more focused on being mindful of their resources through careful planning.  


Maybe you just have a specific marketing question, that's great. Let's chat about it.


If you've tried making your own marketing plans or have been marketing and you just don't feel like you're getting anywhere, you may be ready to sit down and sort out a strategic plan that's grounded in solid information on market trends and consumer behavior.

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