Are you really that into coffee?

Short answer is... yes, yes I am

Coffee mug with yellow tulip flowers and notes good morning on blue rustic table from abov

Yes, I really am that into coffee. I love coffee. It’s not just a vehicle for caffeine delivery, though that’s a fun benefit. I love the thickness of it. I love the variety of versions that you can get. From a frothy espresso to a smooth cold brew. I love it all. 

My love for the brew really developed when I was 16 and in a summer exchange in France. It was the cheapest drink on the menu, sure. But it wasn’t just that. I loved how, even in a train station, the server would bring you a cup and saucer with a small dish with sugar cubes and a little pitcher of milk. The ritual of watching the server place the items in front of me was comforting and decadent. Then I would add sugar and milk to my taste, which again was all part of the ritual. It was relaxing. Comforting. Predictable. Decadent. Delightful.

Then, sitting around with your cup of coffee and slowly sipping the brew and chatting with friends seemed like something out of a 1920s novel. I was in Paris. I was sipping coffee. I was in a train station. I was chatting with friends. I was watching people go by.

As I got older, meeting for coffee became a great way to meet with friends during the day. It was a great place to chat. Coffee became more than just a beverage. It became associated with comfort, conversation, and intellectual challenge. 

Now, as a mom, it represents the few cherished moments I get to be alone with my thoughts. And when I say moments, I mean literal moments. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean. In the time to put the cup to your lips and sip, the joe is about the time you get. But at a certain point, that’s an eternity, and it’s an eternity for which I am grateful to have. It’s in those fleeting pauses I can regroup and remember myself.

So yes. I am that obsessed with coffee.

I want what I write here on this website to feel like we are just chatting over a coffee. It’s my happy place. If coffee isn’t your happy place, then replace the image of coffee with something that makes you happy.

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