From a weekly demonstration

A few years back, I took a weekly grassroots demonstration and helped to turn it into something bigger. The only reason that I bring this up is because I used both digital marketing tactics, as well as analogue tactics. It kind of showcases a number of different areas that I am familiar with.


Using my knowledge of psychology, how to leverage search engine indexing, marketing, storytelling, and the like, I tightened up the messaging, did some event planning, and helped them to raise their profile.


I got out of politics because it requires a commitment that I couldn't give and be a mom. But, I honed my skills in that arena and have used those skills to help people amplify their voices, be it indie writers or micro businesses.

Image by KS KYUNG

One thing that I worked on was making them seem like they were everywhere online. 

Increasing Online Presence

During one of the weekly demonstrations, a couple came up to me and said that they couldn’t find out any information about the demonstration online. I asked how they tried looking up the demonstration. They used keywords I would’ve used, so I thought. Huh. Okay. Challenge accepted. I needed to fill those keywords with the demonstration, and so began my campaign to do just that.

Increasing Times Events Were Mentioned

One of the many, many things that I did was to register the event on multiple websites that had calendars. I found as many community calendars as I could. I set up an account with an event ticketing website (Eventbrite, no sponsorship). I used the link that they provided in as many posts, community calendars, and other digital content as I could. I did this every week. I also made sure that if you searched for what was being demonstrated against that we would show up there too. 


Increasing The Number of People Seeing Posts with Boosting and Sharing

The leader of the group boosted much of the posts that I made, so that the posts would reach as many people as possible. We reposed every post that I made in every private and closed group that each of us belonged to, so that our content got everywhere.

Visual Storytelling and Visual Cohesion

One of my fellow organizers was a graphics artist. I worked with her so that her visual storytelling was amplified as part of the efforts that I was making. The visual and the underlying messaging strategy went hand in hand.

Storytelling Through Comments and Increasing Engagement Through Planned Buzz Creation/Street Team

I also trained people on how to strategically comment, repost, and give love to the posts that we were making so that we could artificially make the algorithm thing that there was an organic interest in the posts. it was a weakness of the algorithm at the time.

I'm Too Nice

Much to the annoyance of my fellow demonstrators, I would occasionally give tips to those who were demonstrating against us. I couldn't help it. Sometimes people just need help getting their message across. 


This isn’t a full account of all the things that I did to help out the group.  The main point, though, was that I used my knowledge that I gained through my education and work experience to engage what I like to call guerrilla marketing. It’s not strictly speaking what guerrilla marketing is, or at least how it was defined when it was conceived of back in the 1980s. But what I did was that I exploited the mechanics of the system to best help the group that I was working with. 

I was told I thought outside of the box. To me, there is no box.