Checklist for Promoting Your Books Inside Your Book

You've worked hard on your book. You worked hard to get a reader to like your book enough to buy it. Now that they're reading it, why not take that opportunity to talk to your reader directly. Tell them about the other books you've written, your newsletter, your website, and ask them to leave a review. When you're getting ready to publish your, you're going to have a lot on your mind. This checklist will help you to remember some ways that you can market yourself inside your book.

Always ... Coming Soon!

We have products in development to help you with your marketing. Michelle Raab is an indie writer too, so she know from the many hats that indie writers need to wear. In addition to organizational tools, like planners and checklists, Michelle Raab is also developing social media templates and writing prompts to help make that part of your marketing efforts easier. 

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