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Here is something that I used to help one of my clients with her social media posts. We started with a weekly schedule. I’ve modified it a bit to be less specific to her, and I’ve included some tips. Okay. A lot of tips. I can’t help it. I love sharing what I know.



Motivational quotes. Inspirational quotes. This can be any kind of quotes. Love of coffee. Love of books. Quotes on your subject. Quotes you live by. Any kind of theme. The point of these are for brand awareness and to stay on people’s feeds.

2-3 Times a week

Reuse quotes from blog posts

I used this technique with my blog post, Fear and Loathing of Marketing. I broke it up into a series of posts that were content posts, rather than posts to promote the blog post. The series was there is no failure, start here, you can do it, and take the leap.

I repost these every once in a while, so that’s another way you can reuse your content as you’re building up your content stores.

I know that there are marketers who say that you need to keep content fresh. However on close observation of the Twitter feed from the Institute of Public Relations, I noticed that they reuse their tweets to promote not only their website but also their blog posts. They post things in bursts of 3-5 posts for a total of in the upwards of 10 (or a lot more) posts a day on Twitter. They intersperse with fresh content, but a good portion of it is recycled or repackaged.

If you’re going to reuse content a lot, make sure you have some sort of call to action on it, like check out my website or download this freebie.Instead of mining a blog post for social media content, you can do this in reverse where you do quick posts (like on Instagram) and then compile them into a blog post. Either way, you’re repurposing your content, which is always a good thing.

Engagement posts

Engagement posts are ones that are designed to engage. So they have a call to action. This means you’re asking them to download something or to check out your profile or to email you or to make a comment.

Recently, I did a post asking people to sign up for this newsletter.

You can ask cute and funny survey questions like tea or coffee or Mac or PC or anything that people would have an opinion about, but isn’t that particularly personal.

Pet peeves is a good one, because people love to complain.

These posts are trying to get your audience to be more than just passively looking at your posts and doing more than hitting a like button. You want them to invest more of themselves and their time in your content, because the ultimate goal is for them to buy your product or service.

1-2 Times a week

Get to know me

The get to know me posts are a bit tricky because they can be a little forced. If you check out my Instagram post, you’ll see an about me post. What I did was I started with a snapshop from a museum trip that I took, turned it into a black and white photo so that it looked more arty, then used it as a prompt for a stream of consciousness, conversationally toned caption. I talked a little about the outing. I talked about my obsession with domestic history. In that short caption and with that post, I demonstrated that I like photography and that I’m a photographer, that I am a history buff who likes domestic history especially culinary history, and then I like to go to cultural places like museums in my spare time … so I’m a bit of an intellectual. I didn’t say any of this. I showed it.

There’s an art to showing who you are. Check out books on creative nonfiction for more tips on techniques on how to do this.

If you want more help, email me if you have questions.


Start a day or two before the event if it’s a blog post. If it’s a bigger event, weekly to 2-3 times a week 2-3 months before the event, increasing in frequency until the event. Then the day before the event. Then do a post after the event to tell every one how it went. If you have photos from the event, you can create an entire series of posts based on the event.

Originally appeared in January 2021 Michelle Raab Marketing newsletter with exclusive content: writing prompts for “about me” posts. ©2020 Michelle Raab, PhD. All rights reserved. Copyright notice: You may copy up to 50 words without permission, provided that you give attribution, link back to the original post, and do not change the meaning or message.

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