Branding Strategy and Development (your story)

Everything begins with your brand. Your logo. Your website. Your elevator pitch. Everything. Your brand is the story of you, your product or service, and the spark that says to your perfect fit of a customer—we belong together. Your story is told through your website, elevator pitch, and logo.  Figuring out the story of your brand is sometimes one of the most difficult parts of marketing. Who am I? What is my spark? Deceptively simple questions. I can help you with that. I’m a psychologist with training in psychometrics, and I have a background in marketing, public relations, and messaging.  Together we can figure out your story so that you can transform it into the promotion tools you’ll need. 

Taking reviews to the next step

You’ve got your customer reviews. Is there anything that you can do with reviews besides using them as a way to recommend your product or service? Yes, there is. The reviews can be analyzed to develop an action plan. Maybe for making changes to your marketing tactics. Maybe for making changes to customer service. Maybe tweaks in your product development. There are techniques to analyze text to give you concrete actionable information. I can do that for you. I won an early career award in research for a project that I was on where the data was focus group transcripts. I am also a psychologist with a specialization in psychometrics, the measurement of people. Let me help you make sense of your reviews and turn it into something that can help your business grow.

Market Research

Do you need to know more about your customer? I can help with that. From focus groups and analysis to surveys with analysis to doing market research on your ideal customers, I can help you find out more about who they are.

For Authors -- Is your book marketable?

You're half way through your book, and you don't even know if you have an audience for it. Maybe you've finished the book, and you don't know where to start to market it. Maybe it's outside of what you usually write. I can help with this. Do you need to know? -Is the book marketable? -Who is the ideal audience? -Do I need to make changes to make it more marketable? -Where do I begin to market this book? --more

How Michelle Raab Marketing is different

Most psychologists, even social scientists, are trained to analyze behavior from either numbers or from text based information, like focus groups or reviews.  I can do both, and I can turn it into an actionable marketing plan. What does that mean for you? I can analyze your customer reviews and give you an action plan for bettering your reputation or to fix your reputation.  I can look at your metrics, your sales data, and any other numbers you have and figure out what's going on with your business and help you to formulate a plan for where you want to go.   I can find answers to your questions about the market by first figuring out what you're really wanting to know and then finding out a way to answer your question.  With most clients and most questions, I can do it within the time that we are having our meeting.  The other thing that I can do is to help you to become your best sales person because I believe in you.  I can help you to shift your perspective to being your best brand ambassador. In other words, I can give you the level of analysis that is usually afforded big corporations.

Marketing Coaching

Programs Designed Custom Made for You

You have something you want to sell, but you don’t even know where to start.  Maybe you’ve started, but you feel you’re going nowhere.  I can help you figure these things out. I’ll start by getting to know you.  It will feel like a conversation where you’re just talking about the things that you love, like the product or service you want to sell, but I’m gathering information about who you are, what sort of business you might have in mind, and where you want your business to be in a year, in five years. Then I, slowly, help you clarify your goals based on your values and mission.  Then by the end of the session, you have an action plan.   If you need a more comprehensive marketing plan, this process can take on over one session and would take on a more formal process of creating documents like a business plan, overall marketing plan, and year goals and benchmarks. Depending on if you just need one clarification session or if you need a more comprehensive planning program, we can work together to custom tailor that program for you.

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